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Styling + Treatments:

  • Blow out – $45
  • Deep Conditioning – $25
  • Upstyle – $65
  • Extensions – by consultation only

Brow, Wax, Tint:

  • Brow wax – $15
  • Full face wax – $25
  • Brow tint

Bridal Services:

  • Bride – $225 (includes on-site consultation and hair design)
  • Bridal Party Hair – starting at $85
  • Flower Girl Hair – $50 (6 years old and under )
  • Mother of the bride – $65
  • Please call us to schedule a free consultation 707-345-4153

Beard Treatment:

  • Beard trim – $10-$15


  • Outside of Guerneville $50/per hour of travel time, per artist
  • Within Guerneville $20/per artist