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Nicky Gibson

I started my career in hair design in the town of Oxford, England where I was born and raised. I attended Oxford College of Further Education and trained at the City & Guilds of London Institute where I earned my degree in hairdressing.

I came to Guerneville by way of Las Vegas where I helped create modern and personalized hairstyles for some fabulous showgirls, a Rolodex of amazing clients, and in-town visitors for over 15-years. During my time in Las Vegas, I spent two years teaching the next generation of hair designers at the Euphoria Institute of Beauty Arts & Sciences. It was my way of giving back to the community and was personally so rewarding to watch those talented artists learn and grow their craft.

I specialize in designer haircuts, dynamic color, razor cuts, long hair designs that are perfect for weddings and special occasions. I strive to help my clients realize a look that best suits their face, style, and personal energy.  I love living here in the heart of the Russian River Valley and am proud to call it home.

Most days, you can find me at my new salon on the west end of Main Street, exploring the area or out on the coast riding my Harley Davidson with a big smile on my face. It’s where I recharge my soul and find inspiration.

Nicky Gibson

Owner, Wishes & Secrets Salon